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Water Leakage Solution & Corrosion Protection Specialist

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water leakage solution specialist
water leakage solution specialist

“Green technologies, going green is bigger than the Internet. It could be the biggest economic opportunity of the 21st century. 
							Moreover, if we succeed it’s (going to) be the most important transformation for life on the planet.” – John Doerr

Nano G is a brand incorporated under the company of Nano G Central Sdn Bhd., and we are here to enable your company to be economically advantageous and socially responsible to the environment.

In collaboration with Nanophos, Nano G is mainly focusing on environmental sustainability by introducing today’s Green Technology products and applications such as water repellent for cement, concrete, as well as provide anti corrosion protection, water leak protection & water leakage solutions to the surface. Our products harness nanotechnology to create an invisible surface barrier that act as water repellent to repels water, oil, and stains, adding more advantageous attributes such as anti-microbial and self-cleaning effects on all treated building surfaces.

Nano G supplies a full range of products & services from pre-cleaning to post-protection such as water repellent for concrete, cement as well as anti corrosion protection, water leak protection & solutions on all kinds of surfaces.

Early in 2015, Nano G has formed a strategic partnership with HTH Eco Resource Sdn. Bhd., venturing into distribution all across East Malaysia. Together, we will be venturing into many more eco products including Eco Waterproofing, Eco Marine Paint, Eco IBS System and more, to become one of the major and important traders in Malaysia’s Eco Building Materials Market.