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concrete waterproof sealer

Water and oil proofing for concrete and fibrous materials (plasterboard, carton, drywall, etc)

Using nanotechnology, SurfaPore® F are waterproof sealer that creates an invisible water repellent barrier by penetrating deep into fibrous to protect it from oil and water, which lead to algae and mould growth, weathering, swelling and warping. At the same time, this formulation can also be used as a primer or waterproof paint to improve paint adhesion.

Qualities of Concrete & Fibrous Materials

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Fibrous materials are soft, pliable, with desirable durability and yet not too heavy, which is no wonder they are used in many kinds of building materials. Unfortunately, concrete, gypsum boards, drywalls and composite woods (particle boards and plywood) tend to retain moisture and oil, promoting mould and disfiguration. Prevent all of that by applying waterproof paint & sealer like SurfaPore® F, which can also be used as a primer and waterproof paint to improve the adhesion of paints.

waterproof paint
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First D.I.Y. waterproofing product in Malaysia

It’s super simple and easy to apply. Ensure the application surface is dry and clean, shake the bottle well and apply it onto the surface you wish to water-proof with a simple brush and leave to dry.


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Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC)

Nature-friendly and health-friendly

In short, VOC or Volatile Organic Compounds are solvents used in sealants that will evaporate and can cause acute symptoms which include headaches and dizziness. SurfaPore® solutions on the other hand use water-based non-hazardous solvents with a Low VOC content that adheres to the health limits imposed by the European Union according to directives 67/548/EC and 1999/45/EC.

Ideal Surfaces for application

Fibrous materials like carton paper, kraft paper, plasterboards, drywalls and composite wood (plywood or particle board).