SurfaPore C

Water repellent and sealant for marble, granite, porcelain

SurfaPore® T can be applied on any walls, tiles, flooring or furniture made of marble, granite or porcelain to protect from moisture, water leakage and water stains. The nanotechnology protection is insusceptible to wear and tear, making it suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Case study has shown many consumers applying SurfaPore® T on decorative monuments close to fountains and lakes.

Algae & Etching of Exterior Marble

Your water and oil seepage problem solution

Once you discover algae on your marble, chances are they have embedded in the marble cannot be removed simply by scrubbing or bleaching. Sanding sessions, cleaning, re-polishing or sealing may only remove some of the algae temporarily but it is bound to come back unless there is no moisture left for it to thrive. More often than not, most of us will resort to professional restoration, which is costly and time-consuming. All of that hassle can be avoided simply by treating your exterior marble materials with SurfaPore® T which repels water and inhibits microbial growth.

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First D.I.Y. water-proofing product in Malaysia

It’s super simple and easy to apply. Ensure the application surface is dry and clean, shake the bottle well and apply it onto the surface you wish to water-proof with a simple brush and leave to dry.


Longer Lasting Coating

Deeply penetrate into the pores of surfaces

Nanotechnology allows the SurfaPore® T formulation to not only act as a surface sealant but to deeply penetrate into the pores of surfaces to create an invisible barrier that is longer lasting and not susceptible to regular surface wear and tear. This coating repels damaging oil stains and at the same time still allows the surface to “breathe”, which is essential to allow trapped liquids to evaporate instead of stagnating and creating further problems.

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Cut Cost & Save Time

Cost-friendly for home, business and even industrial use

Over time, the collection of oil stains and water in the pores of your marble surfaces will cause it to lose its natural appearance and shine. Polishing the marble will not only take up valuable time and effort but money as well. Hassle-free, time-saving and cost-friendly as well, SurfaPore® T is a quick preventive method that will only take up a couple of minutes.

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Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC)

Nature-friendly and health-friendly

In short, VOC or Volatile Organic Compounds are solvents used in sealants that will evaporate and can cause acute symptoms which include headaches and dizziness. SurfaPore® solutions on the other hand use water-based non-hazardous solvents with a Low VOC content that adheres to the health limits imposed by the European Union according to directives 67/548/EC and 1999/45/EC.

Ideal Surfaces for application

Marbles, granites or porous surfaces like stones and cement.