SurfaPore ThermoDry

SurfaPore ThermoDry® is a merging of two revolutionary nanotechnology solutions. It is an additive to acrylic paints that gives the paint the additional properties of thermal insulation and water-repellence. These added features not only help in the conservation of energy (electricity) in your home but will also protect your walls from mould growth.

Thermal Insulating Properties

When thermal energy travels through walls and other surfaces, large amounts of energy are required for cooling in the summer or heating in the winter. SurfaPore® ThermoDry® contains special nano and micro-sized thermal insulating particles that block heat transfer, reflect thermal radiation, and create a moisture barrier that can help significantly with energy saving.

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Water-Repelling Properties

SurfaPore ThermoDry® enhances the paint and gives it the additional quality of water-repellence. This enables the paint to not only protect against moisture, but also reduce condensation. This added protection is necessary as water leakages are the main cause of mould, fungus and other unsavoury looking bacterial growths on internal or external walls.


Thermal Conductivity Independent European certification agencies certify that the use of SurfaPore ThermoDry® in common water-based acrylic paints reduces their thermal conductivity by 4 times (0,1292 W/(mK), EN 12667).

Application Note

  1. 1) Shake and stir vigorously before use. It is possible that a solid layer may have developed on top, which will disappear by shaking well or stirring. Ensure that the selected container matches your selected volume of paint.
  2. 2) By using the containers of paint and SurfaPore ThermoDry®, empty the contents of one container into the other, until your mix is completely homogeneous.
  3. 3) Apply your mix in the same manner you would have applied the paint you selected. It does not alter drying time. It does not alter colour tone. It does not alter texture in flat/matte finish paints.

Attention: In satin or glossy finish paints test before application. Select paints for internal or external use that can be diluted with water by 5-10% before use. SurfaPore ThermoDry® cannot be added in solvent based paints.