SurfaPore W

Water repellent and preservative for absorptive wood

SurfaPore® W protects wooden surfaces and materials from water-seepage. Wood is an absorptive material which naturally retains water, leading to cracking and warping, and microbial growth. SurfaPore® W prevents all of that by penetrating deep into absorptive wooden surfaces to create an invisible water repellent barrier, without changing the appearances of treated surfaces.

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Moisture & Premature Aging of Wood

Your solution to water-leakage problem

Depending on the species, wood can last anywhere between 4 to 30 years while treated lumber, over 20 years. However, moisture can take years off a wood’s life. If you build a wooden fence on moist ground, the life of the wood is reduced by up to 3 years. However, that illustration did not take into account the fact that exterior wooden structures are exposed to weathering and require bi-annual maintenance.

We highly recommend homes and buildings to apply SurfaPore® W on their wooden structures, as it causes wood to become waterproof and weather-proof. This means preventing wood from decaying and heavily reducing the frequency of maintenance.

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First D.I.Y. water-proofing product in Malaysia

It’s super simple and easy to apply. Even a child could do it (not recommended though). Just shake the bottle well and apply it onto the surface you wish to water-proof or on the grout (lines between tiles like in the picture) with a simple brush and leave to dry.


Longer Lasting Coating

Deeply penetrate into the pores of surfaces

Nanotechnology allows the SurfaPore® W formulation to not only act as a surface sealant but to deeply penetrate into the pores of surfaces to create an invisible barrier that is longer lasting and not susceptible to regular surface wear and tear. This coating repels water and at the same time still allows the surface to “breathe”, which is essential to allow trapped liquids to evaporate instead of stagnating and creating further problems.

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Seeing is believing. Watch our demo video on a comparison between treated and untreated surfaces.

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Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC)

Nature-friendly and health-friendly

In short, VOC or Volatile Organic Compounds are solvents used in sealants that will evaporate and can cause acute symptoms which include headaches and dizziness. SurfaPore® solutions on the other hand use water-based non-hazardous solvents with a Low VOC content that adheres to the health limits imposed by the European Union according to directives 67/548/EC and 1999/45/EC.

Cut Cost & Save Time

Cost-friendly for home, business and even industrial use

Traditional water-proofing methods require up to weeks of costly labour, which includes tearing up the old floor to reach the original worn out water-proof layer, re-layering a new coat and finally fixing up the floor. Hassle-free, time-saving and cost-friendly as well, SurfaPore® W requires none of that tedious man labour and can be finished in a matter of minutes.

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Ideal Surfaces for application

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