SurfaPore C

Nanoparticles from the SurfaShield® G formulation chemically bonds on glass surfaces and assure abrasion resistance. SurfaShield® G coated surfaces become super-hydrophilic and anti-fogging. It can efficiently eliminate organic stains, bacteria, fungi, gaseous pollutants and even odours by harnessing the surrounding light (natural or artificial).

Self-Cleaning and Self-Sterilising

Continuous permanent protection

Due to their nano size, SurfaShield® T particles absorb the available surrounding light energy and a series of physical phenomena takes place. In particular, a rearrangement of the surface hydroxyl groups that are hydrophilic (water-loving) is realized. Thus they reduce surface tension and the coating exhibits a super-hydrophilic character. As a result, humidity and water droplets cannot stand on the SurfaShield® G coated surface and dirt, dust and pollutants get washed away. Persistent organic pollutants get decomposed by the self-cleaning properties that SurfaShield® G also exhibits.

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Application on Glass Surfaces

HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) spraying should be used as it combines both application simplicity and an ideal uniform functional coating. SurfaShield® G is transparent, chemically inert and perfectly adheres on glass surfaces by chemically anchoring on the existing surface. Detailed application steps:

  • Shake or stir the container before use.
  • Prior to application clean the surface with water or a solvent using a cloth (application surface should be dry and clean).
  • Apply SurfaShield G by HVLP (tip diameter 0,8mm) spraying. Two or three applications of a very thin layer are recommended. Between each application let the material dry (up to 10 minutes strongly dependent on ambient temperature). Do not apply excessive amounts of the material on the glass surface (do not allow dripping). Total consumption rate of 30-38 m²/L is recommended.
  • After the application let the material to cure on the surface without wetting or touching it. Only water is necessary for the cleaning of the coated surface.

Ideal Surfaces for application

Glass surfaces

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